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    Ingenio Compact 10-20 kW

    3ph UPS 10-20 kW for telecommunication, small and medium data centers.

    • Input power factor correction 0.99
    • Unity output power factor for more power
    • Easy to use touch screen display
    • Easy to parallel


    Ingenio Plus 30-40 kW

    3ph UPS 30-40 kW for small and medium data centers, network and server.

    • Built in batteries for up to 15” backup
    • High 1.0 output power factor
    • Extended battery service life
    • Paralleling of up to 6 UPSs


    Ingenio MAX 200-500 kVA

    3ph UPS 200-500 kW for medium data centers, network and server.

    • Full rated transformer-free power and small footprint
    • 3 level patented Green Conversion
    • Extended battery service life



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